MI ICE POPS Yoga this summer!

With support of the Allen Neighborhood Center, MI ICE POPS will be hosting a monthly FREE outdoor yoga class.  Our instructors are based in Lansing and the yoga will be a basic level class.  We want everyone to be able to practice with us without feeling like they need to be a certain shape or size. We want kids, men, veterans, seniors, the homeless and anyone else that wants to join us.  

The location for the first class in May will be at the Hunter Park in Lansing on Kalamazoo St.  Bring a towel, blanket or yoga mat if you already own one. Let’s enjoy the weather, the feel of grass on our feet and our community at the same time.  Of course at the end there will be ice pops for purchase to encourage you to stick around and talk with neighbors. Find more information here: https://www.facebook.com/events/103889300028274/