MI ICE POPS Yoga Instructor Tara Scott

Tara is an Ambassador of Compassion and is the founder of 3 Jewel Yoga.  Tara is a wife, mother, mentor, writer, facilitator, community organizer, runner and foodie.

Like most of us Tara is working on many different projects. Beside joining us as a MI ICE POPS instructor, teaching yoga sessions throughout Lansing and being a mother, she is the mastermind behind two incredible projects.

TrailBlazers is a program for anyone looking to develop body and breath awareness through walking and running. If you want to learn about body mechanics, improve your postural alignment and efficiency of movement as well as build strength, stability, flexibility and stamina then this is for you. The next session begins June 6th. Sign up now: 3jewelsyoga.com/trailblazers


To learn more about Tara's programs visit  

www.3jewelsyoga.com /facebook.com/3jewelsyoga

Her second project is Walking the Labyrinth, a walking meditation practice that occurs in Moore's Park on select Sundays throughout the summer. Starting in a silent and steady pace, each person is allowed to spiral themselves until they reach the center of the labyrinth. The sounding of the bell will bring the practice to a close and hopefully the awareness and peace that was found in the labyrinth will continue throughout your day and beyond. 

I am so excited and honored to have incredible instructors that are willing to make these events successful. Join us for a great yoga session where Tara will bring us together and let us stay in the present.