Mindo Chocolate Makers

By Monica Ackerson Ware

MI Ice Pops start with premium products from Michigan farms and food businesses. Our Fudge Pops feature chocolate from one of the finest cocoa beans in the world – heirloom Arriba Nacional cacao – grown and turned into the highest-quality dark chocolate by Mindo Chocolate Makers of Dexter, Michigan. 

Mindo owners

Jose Meza and Barbara Wilson founded Mindo to create the most delicious chocolate experience possible. When Jose and Barbara sought the perfect chocolate to bake into the brownies at their internet café in Mindo, Ecuador, they wanted a premium product grown in an environmentally- friendly way. What started as a 53-pound bag of cocoa beans has developed into award-winning, small-batch artisan bean to bar chocolate. 

Mindo Ecuador map

The result is a darker chocolate with complex flavor profiles; a craft chocolate that is more pure, more nutritious, and definitely more delicious. 

While many consider chocolate as candy or “junk” food, premium Mindo dark chocolate is both a treat and a luxury, with significant health benefits. Dark chocolate is a powerful source of antioxidants, it’s loaded with essential nutrients, and can have profound improvements on cardiac risk factors such as blood pressure and cholesterol. 

The team at Mindo is dedicated to sharing their knowledge and love for premium chocolate. If you’re looking for a family-friendly adventure, daily tours, tasting and pairings, and even week-long intensive chocolate making courses are available in both Dexter, Michigan and Mindo, Ecuador.  And, you won’t want to miss the vast array of chocolates at the gift shop.

Our partners at Mindo Chocolate Makers take “bean-to-bar” to the extreme and you can taste the difference in our MI Ice Fudge Pops. To find more about Mindo Chocolate Makers including where you can purchase their chocolate bars produced in Dexter, MI visit - https://mindochocolate.com/ .

Mindo chocolate products.