Hi, I'm Danielle and I'm the Master Pop Slinger at MI POPS.  I am the owner, maker and seller.  I was born in the Detroit area, went to school in Marquette, lived in Iron River, Traverse City, Okemos and now Mason.  I truly love Michigan and am so happy to be able to highlight Michigan fruits, farmers and small food businesses. I hope you enjoyed your ice pop and you come back for more.


Anna has been a MI POPS lover since the first time she saw us at a farmer’s market. We’re not sure if it was Allen Place or South Lansing’s farmer’s market because Anna visits all the local farmer’s markets.  You can also find her in Old Town, REO Town and in the gym. She lives and loves Lansing!  She was looking for a fun summer job in the sun and she already knew the product so well we had to add her to the MI POPS team. Besides looking for an outdoor summer job she is also looking for a kidney.  A prior kidney transplant is not working so well and she needs to find another one. For more information visit her FB page. Anna will eat any ice pop put in front of her but she adores the layered ones so she can have two or three flavors at once or anything with sweetened coconut cream. She loves MI POPS so much that she usually gets paid in ice pops in exchange for working. You will see Anna at the East Lansing and the Allen Place farmer’s market as well as at the monthly MI POPS - YOGA that will be held throughout the Lansing area.  {Details about MI POPS YOGA are coming!} 

Jamie recently moved to Mason from Williamston and cannot wait for the summer to begin so that she can plant a garden of her own.  Jamie has tons of experience in party organizing, event planning, setting up at markets and mad skills in making things beautiful. For her day job she works at Michigan State University but on most Saturdays in the summer you will be able to find her at Holt Farmer’s Market from 9am-2pm.  The MI POPS market stand is situated inside and is literally the front and center of the market. This is the first year MI POPS is at the Holt farmer’s market so make sure you go and let Jamie know just how happy you are to have awesome ice pops made with Michigan fruits and sweeteners in Holt.

Kayleigh, like all of the team is a great asset to "Team MI POPS".  With her experience in serving foodies at both Soup Spoon and Sapporo’s and her contagious smile we couldn’t pass her up.  Actually MI POPS owner Danielle might have actually stalked her.  After having a great experience with her at Soup Spoon she went into “headhunting” mode and asked if Kayleigh wanted to sling ice pops for the summer?  A couple of weeks later at Sapporo’s Danielle again worked her magic and again tried getting her onto the MI POPS teams.  How could she say no? Kayleigh will be working festivals such as ScrapFest and Festival of the Sun and REO Eats.   

Rachel has been around the farmer’s market scene in the Lansing area for quite a while now.  She has worked at Titus Farm and help manned their market stand as well and worked in the farm fields and has a garden of her own in Mason. We are lucky to get the chance of working with her this summer before she goes on more adventures in education in the Fall. You will see her at the Meridian Farmer’s Market as well as occasionally Allen Place. As of today her favorite MI POPS flavor is strawberries and coconut cream but who knows, it’s early in the season and with over 40 different seasonal flavors it might change as the season goes on.  I hope you come to the market and say hi and maybe even get yourself a ice pop.