Episode 006 - Market currency

Today I am going to go through all the different types of currency your market might have. As a new vendor it can be a lot at the beginning of the season, signing federal and state paperwork, answering customers questions about which tokens you can take in exchange for your product. Let’s make it easier for you.

http://www.sfmamarkets.com/market-currency/ This is a great resources for a simple explanation of market currency.
WIC at farmers markets -https://www.fns.usda.gov/fmnp/wic-farmers-market-nutrition-program-fmnp
Power of Produce at markets - http://millcityfarmersmarket.org/learn/power-of-produce-pop/ 

Credit Card Processors:
Dharma Merchant Services - https://dharmamerchantservices.com
CDG Commerce - http://www.cdgcommerce.com/
Square - https://squareup.com/
Apple Pay - https://www.apple.com/apple-pay/ 
Article about the top credit card processors - https://www.merchantmaverick.com/the-best-small-business-credit-card-processing-companies/

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