Episode 007 - Seasonal or Year round Markets?

Join me for a discussion on the pros and cons of being a vendor for year round or seasonal. Choosing between the two options can depend on your goals and why you started your business. Join us and as always, I invite you to follow our Facebook page and join the Farmers Market Vendor Handbook Group. It’s a great resource and will be even better if you join the conversation. 


An article that shows the frustration of some customers - http://www.post-gazette.com/life/food/2016/10/02/Closing-soon-Why-don-t-farmers-markets-operate-year-round/stories/201610020018 

How a California farmers market vendor took her love for her market and wrote a cookbook - http://californiabountiful.com/features/article.aspx?arID=766 

Article about the trend of winter markets in the colder states - https://www.growingmagazine.com/fruits/making-farmers-markets-year-round/ 

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