Episode 015 - Free learning resources to make your business better

I LOVE free resources, especially when they come from great businesses.  Join me for a discussion about where you can get all kinds of training for FREE. Below are the links for all the resources. You can learn whenever you want or need and immediately put them into practice at the market.

As always, I invite you to follow our Facebook page and join the Farmers Market Vendor Handbook Group. It’s a great resource and will be even better if you join the conversation. 


All of Zingerman’s webinars - http://www.zingtrain.com/webinars 

All of the free articles from Zingerman’s - http://www.zingtrain.com/articles 

Social Media training - https://education.hootsuite.com/collections/courses

Facebook advertising - https://www.facebook.com/blueprint 

lynda.com training - https://www.lynda.com (usually NOT FREE, but check with your library. Most libraries have a membership and if you ask you also have access for FREE)

Google Marketing - https://www.google.com/onlinechallenge/dmc/index.html

SEO training - https://www.udemy.com/search-engine-optimization-for-business/

Growing your Instagram account - https://www.craftsposure.com/free-instagram-course

Mailchimp - How to gather customers through newsletters - https://mailchimp.com/resources/

Skillshare - https://www.skillshare.com/

Social Media Info - 

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