Episode 018 - Giving great customer service

We all know what it’s like to get great customer service but how can we as vendors make sure we are giving the best service possible? Join me for a discussion on customer service, how you can quickly learn what people want, decide for people when they don’t know what they want and close the sale without looking like a salesperson. I will also go over some of the training I have received at Zingerman’s that has made all the difference in how I look at my customers, how I train my employees and how it has increased my sales at the farmers market. I will also go into the 10-4 rule and how it can help you while at your markets. 

Below are the FREE webnairs that I talked about in the podcast. They, each are an hour in length but I can tell you that you will learn so much that the time is worth it. 

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Quick customer service - http://www.zingtrain.com/webinars/quick-customer-service-wins

Giving great customer service - http://www.zingtrain.com/webinars/art-giving-great-service 

How to handle a customer complaint - http://www.zingtrain.com/webinars/zingermans-5-steps-effectively-handling-customer-complaint 

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