Because we want to make sure that everyone that wants to attend the outdoor classes does we want to make sure you have no questions.  The questions below are not your average questions, but they are the REAL questions that everyone want to ask but might be afraid. 

1. What do I need to bring?  Yourself and maybe a towel.  You don't really need anything to practice yoga.  I have seen people in India practice in a busy street, on a lawn at a schoolyard and never have I seen them be worried about what they have.  They have a rug or towel, baggy clothes and a smile on their face. If you have a yoga mat please bring it and if you have another one and feel comfortable enough to allow someone else to use it please bring it along.  If you don't have or forget a towel don't worry we should be able to help you out.

2. How should I set up my mat?  We will be outside and depending on your needs you can decide.  If you like to watch the instructor then make sure you are in sight of them.  If you need to hear them then make sure you get a space up front.  We plan on spacing people close together so if that might bother you then make sure you place your mat on the outer side.  

3. What if I bring my kids and they're loud?  Bringing kids to an outdoor event and expecting them to listen or be silent or quiet is completely unrealistic. My hope is that you bring your children (and anyone else) and they run around and enjoy themselves and see you and others practicing yoga and want to join in.  But don't worry because it will happen even if you do so what's the point? 

                               My feet on the floor of the Taj Mahal

                             My feet on the floor of the Taj Mahal

4. What if I fart or groan or fall asleep?  Again who cares.  Life happens, farts happen, groaning happens and if you are able to fall asleep during the relaxation period of the class then you needed it. I can't guarantee no laughing but there shouldn't be any guilt and no judgement.  Gas happens!

5.If I'm late? Should I not even come? Again life happens and it's not like you will be opening the door of a hot yoga class, you will be outside and so will we. Just come, place your mat where you can, take a breath and start where you are.

6. What happens if I don't have yoga clothes, can't do the poses, am not flexible or generally feel stupid doing yoga? Welcome to the club.  Everyone starting something new feels stupid, right? We assume everyone knows we are newbies and worry about everyone knowing. But the great thing about yoga is that yoga pants don't make you more flexible. In fact in India tight clothes are a big no no and most people wear loose pants and t-shirts. I'm not looking and comparing myself to you and you shouldn't be comparing yourself to me. You should be able to laugh to yourself or giggle when you stumble or become unstable but not when others have problems.  

But you should also realize that you should never feel pain or uncomfortable.  At the beginning of every class we will show you the most important pose - Child's Pose. This pose is a restorative pose that you can go into at anytime.  This means when the pose we are doing is uncomfortable you can go into Child Pose.  When you feel inflexible or stupid you can go into Child's Pose. If you need to stay in Child Pose the whole class you will not be judged.  

7. What else should I think about before I come to the class?  There are some things to think about when you are practicing outside instead of a studio.  There may be bugs, the grass may be wet, you might be cold and warm up as we start practicing, kids might be playing in the park loudly, the instructor might be drowned out by traffic sounds, etc.    But what we hope to achieve is a community event where everyone feels welcome and wants to come back.